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We are dedicated to serving our society in the ways we know how to...
Our VISION is Engaging in Research and Education activities that globally energize the society.

CESaC is an Interdisciplinary Research Center aimed at Research and Education in Electric Energy Systems and Control, Power, Environment, Economics and Energy Markets sponsored by grant agencies, industry and National Laboratories. CESaC has strived and excelled in bridging the African continent and America through research , education , and the outreach program, equipping precollege and undergraduate students with essential tools and knowledge as they pursue higher education and venturing into the energy industries . The center also provides assistance relating to several facets of the energy sectors including emerging technologies, renewable energy, privatization, human capacity building, and privatization.
Smart Grid & Micro Grid System. Design & development of Protection & Control for Approach Lighting system for FAA. Aerospace Automation & Power Management. Computational Intelligence & Applications. Multi Agents for reliable electric-ship system. Planning, Operation, Protection & Control of large power system. Real Time Voltage stability with PMU. Renewable Energy (DG). Pricing and Market.


    Our huge success is based on how much knowledge we can uncover from research-based projects.


    We are also dedicated to giving back to our society, especially the new generation of thinkers. Know more


    We fly on the wings of Howard University. Our faculty and staff are people of ambition.


    We are also students on all levels of every discipline. Our priority is improving our world through education.


We have the best team there is. Meet us please!
James Momoh
Fellow of IEEE, FNSE and FNAE Professor and Director, Center for Energy Systems and Control (CESaC) Howard University
Joe Chow
David Gao
Peter A. Bofah
Senior Member
Associate Professor and Committee Chairman Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mohammed Chouika
Senior Member
Wayne Patterson
Senior Member
Duminda Wijesekera
Senior Member
Professor, George Mason University.


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